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Balozi as a town was founded on the 14th November, 1991.
Area:                    6-7 km2  ( 3.72- 4.34 miles)
Highest point:        Mule Mountain 26 m above sea level( 1023.62 inches)
Population in 2006: 4481 
Communication:    Bus Nr.23 “Baloži” , maxi-taxi, nearest train station “Baloži”- 4 km on Riga-Jelgava highway                  
Balozi is located in the lowland of the Middle Latvia, in Tīreļi plain. The territory is crossed by several dunes. As the highest point is the Mule Mountain, close to Balozi centre.

Once there was a forestry named Balozi in Riga district. It was situated near the railroad. Thus, Balozi name was given to this place. Forestry had a huge territory of peatbogs. One of the biggest is Medemi Swamp.
     The natural runoff of Medemi Swamp was in the west of Mārupīte River and in the east of Titurga. The total area of Medemi Swamp is 3400 ha, including forest- 520 ha and 1060 ha are used for family gardens.That is why in 1947 it has been decided to establish a peat factory, which later became as a reason for building workers’ settlement. In 1958 Balozi got a status of urban village. Peat extraction covered area till Jelgava highway in the West.  As the first in Latvia the factory produced peat bricks, chunk peat, ammonized peat, bedding peat, substratum peat plates. In 1978 the Peat Machine-Building Industry of Latvia was incorporated with Balozi Peat Factory. In 80s 75% of production consisted of a technological equipment for a peat extraction, spare parts, as well as ware for electronic and radiotechnical industry. Production was exported to former USSR countries and Finland.
  In the long run a house for garment production unit „Latvia” and seven-year school were built. In 1957 the Pilot Factory of Machine- Building of Peat Extractions was founded.
    Unique houses of last century’s 50-70s are dominating in the village. The composition of workers is multifarious. Most of them are guest workers. Now Medemi Swamp covers 3400 ha area and it has been manufactured. A part of the territory is afforested.
In 80s a new village Titurga was built. In 1988 this project received the State Premium.
Now Balozi town is developing very rapidly. The Balozi Municipality is taking care of infrastructure. The Municipality is also responsible for its institutions such as kinder-garden, secondary-school, library. There is a huge development of private house and apartment house building in Balozi. Real estates have a high market value.   In the nearest future there is a plan to develop cultural and recreational park around Titurga lake. It will be 60 ha huge park that includes rest areas, sport areas and pleasure-ground for children.
The motto of the Municipality is “ Tidy environment and humans’ souls! ” That is why inhabitants of Balozi  celebrate Ligo Day, New Year, Estern and Children protection Day all together.  
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